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The Black Robin or Chatham Island Robin (Petroica traversi) is an endangeredbird from the Chatham Islands off the east coast of New Zealand. It is closely related to the New Zealand Robin (P. australis). It was first described by Walter Buller in 1872.[2] Unlike its mainland counterparts, its flight capacity is somewhat reduced. Evolution in the absence of mammalian predators made it vulnerable to introduced species such as cats and rats, and it became extinct on the main island of the Chatham group before 1871, being restricted to Little Mangere Island thereafter.
Black robins live in low-altitude scrub forest remnants. It is entirely insectivorous, and feeds on the forest floor on low branches. During breeding, black robins like to nest in hollow trees and tree stumps. They live in woody vegetation, under the canopy of trees - beneath the branches of the akeake trees. To shelter from the strong winds and rough seas around the islands the Black Robin spends a lot of its time in the lower branches of the forest. They prefer flat areas of the forest with deep litter layers.
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