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The ʻElepaios are three species of monarch flycatcher in the genus Chasiempis. They are endemic to Hawaiʻi and were formerly considered conspecific. They measure 14 cm long and weigh 12–18. One species inhabits the Big Island, anotherOʻahu and the third Kauaʻi. Being one of the most adaptable native birds of thearchipelago, no subspecies have yet become extinct, though two have become quite rare nowadays.
The ʻelepaio is the first native bird to sing in the morning and the last to stop singing at night; apart from whistled and chattering contact and alarm calls, it is probably best known for its song, from which derives the common name: a pleasant and rather loud warble which sounds like
e-le-PAI-o or ele-PAI-o. It nests between January and June.